Do Not Buy Or Transfer Domains To Your Web Host

One of the biggest complaints I saw when researching Wealthy Affilliate via the internet, is that people are complaining that they have lost their domain name after leaving Wealthy Affiliate and its hosting division, SiteRubix.

This isn’t a problem with just WA. Its a problem if you purchase your domain name thru any hosting company. If you do this, then you are at the mercy of that host, because these host usually use a registrar who pays them to bring them in bulk. I’m not saying they always do this, but in most cases this is what they do. Hence, they really don’t know where your domain name is, and frankly, since you are leaving their hosting company, there’s not really any urgency on there part.

Don’t Fall For Free Domain Offers

So when you see a host offering “free domain” if you host here, do not get the free domain name because more than likely it will take a long time to get back, and if you’re not persistent, you may never get that domain name back. Almost every hosts offers it and many beginner marketer’s fall for this trick. So its not just WA that does this, they almost all do it.

Who Are The Best 3rd Party Registrars

My personal favorites are namecheap and namesilo but there are many out there like godaddy and others. Whichever you use, do no use the web host which you are hosting your website at to register your domain name, unless you like throwing money out the window.

Does This Make Wealthy Affiliate A Scam?

Its definetly an industry wide problem, but to call Wealthy Affiliates a scam because of this, would be inaccurate in my opinion. I’ve had this done by 5 hosting companies when I first started out and didn’t know any better, so would these hosting companies that still exist today, and are hosting companies you probably heard of, scam artists? I would again say no.


note* I receive a small commission if you use my affiliate links for these domain registrars. There is no extra cost to you, but if you found this little post useful and helpful, I would appreciate it if you did use my affiliate link. Of course there is no obligation to use them. You can simply go around me and type it into your browser.

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